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ACF West’s experienced and knowledgeable staff works diligently to understand the needs of its customers. Our local Northwest team knows exactly what solutions fit your project best; we take into account weather conditions, state and federal requirements, and issues specific to the Pacific Northwest.

If you would like to contact us, please use the directory below to connect with ACF West’s team.


AddressContact Us uncategorized (http://maps NULL.E NULL.+76th+Drive+portland,+Oregon&sll=47 NULL.739843,-122 NULL.157148&sspn=0 NULL.010808,0 NULL.027831&ie=UTF8&ll=45 NULL.460973,-122 NULL.580986&spn=0 NULL.028897,0 NULL.054932&z=14)
Johnson Creek Industrial Park
8951 S.E. 76th Drive
Portland, Oregon 97206

Phone: 503-771-5115

Fax: 503-771-1161

Office Hours

Contact Our Portland Team:

  • Richard Schmidt (dick null@null acfwest
  • Susan Schmidt (susan null@null acfwest
  • Jeff Boys (jeff null@null acfwest
  • Melissa Hurley (melissa null@null acfwest
  • Kevin Jenison (kevin null@null acfwest
  • Ross Wietrick (ross null@null acfwest
  • Floyd Stretch (floyd null@null acfwest
  • Elissa Kilshaw (elissa null@null acfwest
  • Shannon Daley (shannon null@null acfwest
  • Erik Schmidt (erik null@null acfwest



Contact Our Medford Team:

  • Steve Riggs (https://mail null@null acfwest

Phone: 541-608-1648
Direct: 541-261-3167
Fax: 541-608-6333



Contact Us uncategorized (http://maps,+Woodinville,+WA+98072&sll=47 NULL.738198,-122 NULL.160373&sspn=0 NULL.021617,0 NULL.055661&ie=UTF8&ll=47 NULL.749077,-122 NULL.157669&spn=0 NULL.027701,0 NULL.054932&z=14)Address
Woodinville Corporate Center II
Bldg. A #400
15540 Woodinville-Redmond  Rd.
Woodinville, Washington 98072

Phone: 425-415-6115
Toll-Free: 800-423-4567
Fax: 425-415-6126

Office Hours
Monday-Friday 7am-5pm

Contact Our Woodinville Team:

  • Pat Gowan (pat null@null acfwest
  • Ben Nelson (ben null@null acfwest
  • Aaron Schmidt (aaron null@null acfwest
  • Heather Schmidt (heather null@null acfwest
  • Don Pugh (don null@null acfwest
  • Grady Cruze (grady null@null acfwest



Contact Us uncategorized (http://maps NULL.0625,-95 NULL.677068&sspn=33 NULL.160552,78 NULL.837891&ie=UTF8&ll=47 NULL.242998,-122 NULL.363148&spn=0 NULL.027969,0 NULL.054932&z=14)Address
Rainier Corporate Park
Bldg 2 #111
2505 Frank Albert Rd
Fife, Washington 98424

Phone: 253-922-6641
Toll-Free: 1-800-991-6641
Fax: 253-922-6642

Office Hours
Monday-Friday 7am-5pm

Contact Our Fife Team:

  • Scott Etzkorn (scott null@null acfwest
  • David Strode (david null@null acfwest


Salt Lake City

Contact Us uncategorized (http://maps NULL.+Redwood+Rd+Suite+70+Salt+Lake+City+Utah&sll=45 NULL.458396,-122 NULL.585025&sspn=0 NULL.011273,0 NULL.027831&g=8951+S NULL.E NULL.+76th+Drive+portland,+Oregon&ie=UTF8&ll=40 NULL.823163,-111 NULL.933432&spn=0 NULL.062353,0 NULL.109863&z=13)Address
2120 N. Redwood Rd Suite 70
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116


Office Hours
Monday-Friday 7am-5pm

Contact Our Salt Lake City Team:

  • Bill Kilpack (bill null@null acfwest
  • Todd Deitrick (todd null@null acfwest
  • Cameron Deitrick (cameron null@null acfwest



Phone: 208-863-7529

Fax: 877-599-6665

Office Hours
Monday-Friday 7am-5pm

Contact Our Boise Team:

  • Brent Hardy (brent null@null acfwest


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